Key Industries

Government Contracting

Fairfax City’s proximity to the U.S. federal government make it an ideal location for companies that are government contractors. The U.S. federal government is the world’s largest buyer of goods and services—spending more than $600 billion annually, with approximately one-quarter going to small businesses. Northern Virginia is home to prime contractors such as General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Leidos, Booz Allen Hamilton and SAIC. The region is also home to organizations that support companies, including the Northern Virginia Technology Council and the Small and Emerging Contracting Advisory Forum.

Defense & Aerospace

Proximity to the Pentagon, military installations and major defense and aerospace primes and suppliers creates unique opportunities for businesses to develop partnerships, share ideas and win contracts. Fairfax’s aerospace and defense industry includes firms engaged in activities related to defense/national security, cybersecurity, commercial and civil aviation, and space systems.

Software, Cloud and Data Analytics

Software, Cloud and Data Analytics technologies enable public- and private-sector enterprises to store and quickly extract value from large and complex data sets via data capture, discovery, analysis and visualization. This profile provides information on the regional resources to support data analytics firms, key customers/ industry verticals and selected companies that operate here.


  • 233k+ Computer and Mathematical Workforce in Washington D.C. Region
  • $117k+ Median Wage
  • #2 Computer and Mathematical Workforce among all metro areas
  • More than Twice the Concentration of Computer Science and Mathematics workers than U.S. Average.

Financial Services

In Northern Virginia, the financial services sector is being transformed with emerging technologies and one of the strongest IT workforces in the U.S. Northern Virginia companies are applying new techniques to customer experiences, advanced analytics and digital transactions.


  • Robust communications network of internet exchange points and data centers
  • Large, high-income consumer market
  • Home to industry leaders in banking, advisory and consulting, and information technology (ie. Capital One, Accenture, EY)
  • Deep talent pool of financial analysts, accountants, software developers and UI/UX designers
  • Emerging technology expertise in cybersecurity, data analytics and machine learning

Health & Life Sciences

Fairfax City is an emerging location for life sciences, health technologies and wellness companies with the right conditions for companies to develop and sell their products.


  • 3.6T U.S. Health Care Spending
  • 6M+ Consumers in Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • 1.1M Consumers
  • 4,400+ Doctors
  • 60+ Health-Related Associations
  • Proximity to FDA, NCI, XXX, and corporate powerhouses (ie. GSK and XXX)
  • 304 Hospitals within 200-mile Radius

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