The Standard Barbershop

Faces of Fairfax City is celebrating Women’s History Month through the month of March.  As part of the Women’s History Month edition, Faces of Fairfax City will highlight women-owned and women-managed businesses in the city.  The series is part of a larger month-long social campaign, “Celebrating Women in Business” by the EDA and the Commission for Women that spotlights Fairfax City’s woman entrepreneurs.

For our final Faces of Fairfax City – Women’s History Month edition, we are featuring The Standard Barbershop.  An institution for over 7 years in Old Town Fairfax City, the Standard Barbershop is a sanctuary not only for clean cuts and fresh shaves but also a place to banter with friends and neighbors.  Here patrons can opt for a custom cut, beard trim/shaping, straight razor shave or buzz cut by talented and creative barbers that are passionate about their craft and business community.  The Standard Barbershop also partners with local artists to create merchandise with the same vintage style and modern edge that you find in the shop – further pushing the creative artistry and easygoing vibe of the Standard.




10409 Main Street, #B
Fairfax, VA 22030

Tell us a little about The Standard Barbershop.

The Standard Barbershop is a modern barbershop in the heart of Fairfax City. We believe that everyone deserves a place to go where they can relax and get pampered while enjoying the charm of an old school barbershop. Our talented barbers are well skilled in straight razor shaves and various styles of haircuts.

How many years have you been in Fairfax City and what inspired you to start your business?

We are coming up on our 7 year anniversary in March 2022!

What makes your business unique to Fairfax City?

We have a great and eclectic group of clients and community. All of our merchandise is created by local artists and we love to partner with neighborhood businesses to collaborate.

What was the biggest challenge for you as an entrepreneur, and how did you resolve it?

The biggest challenge I’ve had to overcome is learning to adapt and rebuild these past couple of years with the pandemic.

What advice would you give to other woman who would like to start their own business?

To be relentless when it comes to getting answers to your questions. Be forward and direct with people, and do not shy away from challenges. Pay people to do what you need done, don’t ask for favors. There is a huge amount of resources out there to help you, use them, and keep using them. Support others, and be mindful of where you started. Humility is always something I try to keep in the back of my mind when helping my staff and relating to them.

What are the pros and cons to being a female business owner?

I don’t really experience pros and cons to being a female business owner. I think when you’re in a position of authority and leadership, it doesn’t make any difference what your gender is, just as long as you remain honest and sincere with how you handle people and challenges that are thrown your way.

"My fondest memory is when my parents were able to step into my shop and be proud of what I created. Another was when Navy Federal Credit Union chose our shop to be part of their marketing. The biggest success however was when I was able to use my connections and pitch an idea of bringing together Asian-owned businesses to promote awareness and solidarity in the Asian community supported me and gave me a chance to create something that had never been done before. That was pretty badass."


What’s next for your business?

We hope to expand and gain another location in the near future!

Are there any fun facts you’d like residents to know?

We bring our rescue pitbull pup, Sega, with us to the shop daily. He has become our mascot and loves to hang out with clients.

When you’re not working, where in Fairfax City do you like to spend your time?

Supporting local restaurants and plant shopping!




(571) 234-1819

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