Is it boba or is it bubble tea? In Taiwan and parts of North America, it’s known as boba. In other parts of the U.S., we call it bubble tea. Whatever you want to call it, it is a deliciously addictive drink that contains any combination of tea, milk, chewy tapioca pearls, fruit jelly, ice, condensed milk, etc. – and served with its distinctive boba (oversized) straw. Here in Fairfax City, our own TeaDM offers refreshing and scrumptious twists of boba flavors you won’t find elsewhere!

At TeaDM, you won’t go wrong with their Moonlight Mango, Colorswitch Lemonade, or even the basic Taro Milk Tea. For a Vietnamese twist, try the popular Seasalt Coffee – it’s not only delicious, but it will wake you up as well! If you want to make your own concoction—there are 50+ options to choose—you can modify to your tea preference, milk selection (dairy, non-dairy, almond, soy), and additions of fruits, sugar, honey, etc.

Once you have your yummy boba drink in hand, relax in the bright and modern lounge as you enjoy the beat of the TeaDM vibes!

TeaDM’s newest location is at 9416 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22031.

Read more about TeaDM below from its owner, Jay Tran. And meet the friendly Fairfax City TeaDM crew!


Coffee & Tea


9416 Fairfax Blvd
Fairfax, VA 22180

Tell us a little about TeaDM.

TeaDM is a small privately owned business, still very young and constantly learning – our company serves freshly made tea, Vietnamese coffee, and boba every day to thirsty and curious customers.

What makes TeaDM unique in Fairfax?

The vibe of our location is very unique and fun – more like a nightclub and lounge rather than your standard cafe or tea shop. We don’t sacrifice style for substance.

What encouraged you to take the leap to get started?

TeaDM opened our third and newest location here in Fairfax this Fall – the owner’s goal is to expand the business to serve high quality tea to the entire east coast.

What inspired you to open TeaDM in Fairfax City?

The location is vibrant and growing, close to new residents and students – it’s also easy to see us from the street.

What do you enjoy most about having a business in Fairfax City?

We appreciate the closeness to George Mason University and the bustling lifestyle of the nearby city.

How has TeaDM changed since its opening?

The business has gone from starting out in the owner’s kitchen, to sharing a space with another restaurant, to having three fully staffed and bustling locations – in just six years.

What do customers say they love about TeaDM?

They love the tea and friendly staff! Most common comment is the addictive taste of the SeaSalt Coffee.

What are some of your fondest memories or biggest successes since you’ve opened?

Being able to stay open through the pandemic. We were able to attract a wider range of clientele due to our carry-out service and adherence to COVID-19 safety and cleanliness policies.

What’s next for you and TeaDM?

We will be opening another location next year in Sterling, VA!

Are there any fun facts you would like residents and visitors to know?

We do fundraisers and host events! Follow our Instagram page to keep up with the socials we host (check our story often).

When you’re not working, where in Fairfax City do you like to spend your time?

We hope to visit local restaurants and other attractions such as Meokja after the current pandemic lessens in intensity.


Sunday - Thursday 9AM - 9PM
Friday - Saturday 9AM - 10PM

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