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Take a break from the gym! Stretch your muscles, calm your mind, and enhance your spirit with yoga. Yoga is a 500-year-old practice that came from northern India to help the mind and the body heal and sustain higher levels of energy. After over a year of pandemic quarantine, stress, and worries, it is time to heal and remove toxic stress from our bodies.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned yogi, check Sun & Moon Yoga Studio for a class that will guide your mind, body, heart, and spirit to the next level. Yoga is for everyone!

Read more about Sun & Moon Yoga Studio below from the owners, Annie Moyer and Amir Tahami. View their featured video here.


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3975 University Dr. #130
Fairfax, VA 22030

Tell us a little about Sun & Moon Yoga Studio.

Sun & Moon Yoga is a traditional school of yoga, and our overall mission is about connection. We connect minds to bodies, yoga practice to wellness, and people to each other. Our teachers have been supporting and embracing every individual who walks through our locally-owned, community-supported doors since 1994.

What makes Sun & Moon Yoga Studio unique to Fairfax City?

We are a place of sanctuary where people can come to take refuge from the daily stresses of life. We believe it’s important to meet each moment as it arises, to welcome the inevitable challenges of modern life, and integrate the mind-heart-body-spirit in ways that allow each one of us to be in service to each other. We can’t think of another place, grounded in traditions of wisdom, where people can find this combination of solace, healing, and strength in these very difficult times.

What encouraged you to take the leap to get started?

Our Fairfax location opened in the fall of 2001, after seven years in Arlington. We had a growing student base that extended west of the Beltway, and we wanted to serve as many people as possible, as close to home as possible.

What inspired you to open Sun & Moon Yoga Studio in Fairfax City?

Fairfax City is a thriving community with so much to offer, and we knew that our style of yoga would fit the diverse population here, in terms of age, accessibility, and cultural diversity.

What do you enjoy most about having a business in Fairfax City?

The people! Each individual who connects with our community has a story to tell, a gift to offer, and a light that shines. We love that our work helps supercharge those shining lights.

How has Sun & Moon Yoga Studio changed since its opening?

We’ve grown up with our community. We’ve watched prenatal students’ babies come to our kids yoga classes, and our teens grow to become young adults. We’ve celebrated graduations, weddings, and our fair share of funerals. And the consistency of mindful presence has allowed us to shoulder the biggest change of all, which happened in March of 2020, when we pivoted quickly to online yoga.

What do clients say they love about Sun & Moon Yoga Studio?

Here’s one of the most beautiful notes we received from a student, which really says it all:

“When you start a business project like Sun & Moon, honest, deep from the heart, it spreads wider and reaches further and deeper than any business marketing campaign or identity label. Sun & Moon brings accessible mindful health and mental practice to everyone. It reached me when I was full of pain and trouble, stuck endless hours at my work place. Your teachers helped me see hope for a better life in my wrecked nerves and twisted muscles. Sun & Moon’s openness and professionalism has become more than a business philosophy: a way of life, and I am passing on my appreciation of you all. Kindness builds kindness and gives returns more far reaching than money!”

What are some of your fondest memories or biggest successes since you’ve opened?

One unique part of our business is our relationship with some of the leading voices on the national yoga stage. We regularly host guest teachers who are experts in the field, and we’ve seen such profound moments of beauty, emotional release, and deep learning unfold in some of our guest teacher weekend immersions, as well as our highly recommended and respected teacher training programs, which incorporate the guest teachers into the faculty.

What’s next for you and Sun & Moon Yoga Studio?

We sincerely hope that our community slowly but surely feels safe enough to return to in-person classes. That said, we are sticking around on Zoom for as long as folks continue to tune in!

When you’re not working, where in Fairfax City do you like to spend your time?

The parks and hiking trails in and around Fairfax City are such beautiful spots to practice walking meditation and mindful presence aligned with nature!



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