Foundation Coffee

Whether you’re a lover of coffee like us, or a novice coffee enthusiast, Foundation Coffee at 9650 Main Street, #46 in Fair City Mall will help you find the perfect cup of java (or tea) that suits your needs.  To find this tucked away coffee roaster, simply follow the aroma of roasting beans (yes, they roast coffee on site) and you’ll be led behind the mall and feel like you found a secret coffee shop in the city.


Coffee & Tea


9650 Main St. #46
Fairfax, VA 22031

What is your business and when did you open?

Founded in August 2020, Foundation Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster located behind and down one side of Fair City Mall.

What is the mission of Foundation Coffee?

We try to bring out the best characteristics of beans based on their variety, regions, and processing using our multi-dimensional algorithm. Our goal is for any person to come and have the whole experience of specialty coffee.

What products are offered at Foundation Coffee?

Foundation Coffee offers a wide selection of specialty coffee and other hot and cold beverages. In addition, in-house baked pastries are available.

What makes coffee at Foundation Coffee unique?

Every coffee roaster has its own approach to its coffee. We approach our coffee to achieve precision and accuracy. It is an overarching theme for roasting, grinding, and extraction/brewing. We use 2 smart roasters that are in sync with an Android app to monitor the daily status of the roasting process.

What is something you would love Fairfax City residents and visitors to know about Foundation Coffee?

When the shop was designed, we thought of a theatre with its center stage being the coffee bar. On the perimeter, we have raised stadium seating and tables to help customers see how every cup is made.

What inspired you to open a business in Fairfax City?

We were looking for a space large enough for us to roast our own beans and to have an open look, where people could easily find a seat and enjoy their coffee. When we first heard about this space on the back of the shopping center with no windows, we were skeptical. But I saw its possibilities to provide a unique experience to people.

What do you love most about running your own business?

The best part of this experience has been meeting new people. Our neighbors have shown their support in so many different ways. One of our customers painted a picture of a coffee mug with our name on it and framed and presented it to us. Another family baked Christmas cookies with our logo and brought them to us. Others speak kind words to let us know how they love our coffee. They are huge encouragements in a time like this.

Do you have any advice for a new business owner?

Fairfax City is a great place to open a business. There is such closeness in the business community with lots of shops looking for collaborative opportunities. Also, city government offices are providing lots of practical help so that we can operate safely and efficiently.


Monday - Saturday: 7am - 9pm
Sunday: Closed



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