Fairfax Veterinary Hospital

If your furry friend becomes nervous when you mention a trip to the vet, then you must give Fairfax Veterinary Hospital a try! It’s a fear-free, low-stress, integrative medical care practice for cats and dogs. The hospital space is designed to be cozy, comfortable, and clean for patients. There are separate waiting areas and treatment rooms for cats and dogs – each decorated, furnished, and scented to promote relaxation and comfort.

Besides routine vaccinations and health exams, Fairfax Veterinary Hospital also provides dental treatment, surgical procedures, ultrasounds and x-rays. If you prefer more holistic treatments, acupuncture, massage, and Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)—a gentle and effective healing technology that locates areas of the animal’s nervous system that have fallen out of communication and re-establishes neuronal communication to induce healing—are also offered.

Dr. Lauren Ranivand and Dr. Melissa Gosline are not only the hospital’s veterinarians, but they’re also its owners. Dr. Gosline was recognized with the Sherrie Clark Compassion and Caring Award for exemplary skill with animals, and Dr. Ranivand integrates her veterinary skills with gentle holistic techniques. Your pet will receive professional and kind care from the doctors and their staff!




10396 Willard Way
Fairfax, VA 22030
Courthouse Plaza Shopping Center

Tell us a little about Fairfax Veterinary Hospital.

Fairfax Veterinary Hospital is an integrative medicine small animal hospital. We focus on providing comprehensive general health care and surgery using fear-free techniques. Our facility is designed to reduce doctor visit anxiety and our doctors and team are trained in low-stress handling. We are also a Gold-certified Cat Friendly practice.

What makes Fairfax Veterinary Hospital unique in Fairfax City?

Fairfax Veterinary Hospital is unique in our approach to medicine, patient care, team and pet-owner education and commitment to lowering stress in our furry friends.

What encouraged you to take the leap and get started?

Fairfax Veterinary Hospital just celebrated its 2-year anniversary this month. This was an exciting milestone and reminder of why we decided to open – to provide a unique approach to health care using integrative medicine in an environment that minimizes patient stress and also provides a positive space for our team members to grow.

What inspired you to open a business in Fairfax City?

Fairfax City is a very pet-friendly, close community. It is obvious that residents here love their dogs and cats. You always see people out with their dogs enjoying the community and walking paths.

What do you enjoy most about having a business in Fairfax City?

We at Fairfax Veterinary Hospital have felt so welcomed by the community here in Fairfax City. We are so grateful for the support to local, small businesses. We have also enjoyed becoming a part of the community and participating the local city events, festivals and local school and club events.

How has Fairfax Veterinary Hospital changed since its opening?

Since opening, Fairfax Veterinary Hospital has truly evolved and grown thanks to local support and our pet families. The pandemic certainly created a unique environment that emphasized the need for a fear-free approach to patient care. We have grown in our ability to manage and reduce anxiety both at home during these stressful times, as well as help them through stressful events (including doctor visits). Our hospital has also formed connections with local experts in animal behavior and training as well as specialty practitioners, which has enabled us to grow and offer more to our patients.

What do clients say they love about Fairfax Veterinary Hospital?

“The doctor was patient and answered all my questions and concerns. The technicians and the front desk people were very friendly. They mention Fear-Free in their website it really is true as my puppy Mando loved his visit and actually wanted to go back in when he came out of the vet. I highly recommend all dog parents to bring their furry buddies here”.

“The staff sent us pictures and videos of Lilly’s first visit and she seemed to be having a ball. There’s toys available, Kong’s, lots of belly rubs, and lots of treats. The staff seemed to adore her and she was so happy when she came out.”

“This place exceeds all my expectations and is by far better than any clinic I’ve ever brought them to! The staff are so warm and welcoming and you can really tell they have your pets best interest at heart, and they treat your pets like they are theirs. They are so meticulous in their practice and the value is amazing for what they provide. I will always recommend this place and will continue to bring my 3 girls (2 dogs and 1 cat) forever. If you are looking for a clinic, I can promise you that you will not find anything better elsewhere. Thank you so much for your amazing work!!!”

What are some of your fondest memories or biggest successes over the past 20 years?

There are so many everyday things to celebrate that reflect the success we have seen in achieving our mission. Our fondest memories are watching our vision become a reality. Every time a dog has a such a positive experience during their visit that they don’t want to leave is a huge success. Every time a cat explores the cat room and plays with toys or munches on treats during their exam validates our efforts to be Fear-Free and Cat Friendly.

What’s next for you and Fairfax Veterinary Hospital?

The Fairfax Veterinary Hospital team is especially focused on expanding our integrative medicine toolbox to provide comprehensive care options. We are constantly striving to expand our knowledge base in all aspects of medicine and best practices for patient care and well-being. We are also working toward expanding and building our health care team.

Are there any fun facts you would like residents and visitors to know?

Fun facts: We are a Gold-Certified Cat Friendly Practice!

The calming pheromones used around the hospital are derived from nursing momma dogs and cats and help reduce anxiety.

The same therapeutic laser we utilize daily is also used by professional human and animal athletes worldwide!

Acupuncture therapy has been practiced for thousands of years to treat a multitude of illnesses and for pain relief.

The housing for patients that spend the day with us are called quiet cottages. They are made from fiberglass instead of metal, so they are quieter and warmer than traditional metal kennels. As such, they are fear free approved!

When you’re not working, where in Fairfax City do you like to spend time?

We love hanging out at many of the local restaurants in Fairfax City, including Haveabite Eatery, High Side, and De Clieu. We also have many meetings in Old Town Square.


Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 6pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


(703) 591-0222

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