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If you are an entrepreneur or have a business in Fairfax City, your first order of business should be to contact your Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce (CFCC). Don’t go it alone; join an organization of businesses and community development professionals with the singular goal to improve each of its members’ economic success!

CFCC helps to market and promote its members’ businesses, and advocates for its members’ interests on both the political and legislative fronts. CFCC provides an important business network that maximizes opportunities, provides referrals, and offers savings for its members. Members can receive training and attend seminars that provide industry information and education about best practices. CFCC offers many other services too. Save yourself much stress and hassle, contact Jennifer Rose for more information!

Read more about the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce below from the Executive Director, Jennifer Rose.


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10304 Eaton Place, Suite 100
Fairfax, VA 22030

Tell us a little about CFCC.

The Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce is a 501 c6 nonprofit business association. We are a local, community- based organization solely focused on helping member businesses of all sizes succeed. Our mission is to empower our members with the vision, leadership, and resources to achieve success, while contributing to the economic growth and quality of life in our business community.

What makes CFCC unique in Fairfax City?

We are the only Chamber of Commerce in the City of Fairfax! Our location and partnerships with the City, County, George Mason, other Chambers, etc. allow us great leverage to serve the business community.

What encouraged you to take the leap and get started?

The Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce had its genesis in 1956 when a group of the Town of Fairfax business people organized the Court House Square Businessmen’s Association. The original 27 member group, which would ultimately become the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, dealt with many of the same topics that the chamber addresses today. These include membership, events and activities that enhance our member’s businesses. Equally important are the chamber’s relationships with the City of Fairfax, County of Fairfax, and other area chambers of commerce and associations. By the end of 1958, the chamber had a bank account with a balance of $216.55!

Over the next several decades, the chamber has carried out numerous programs and services that support and promote business growth. The chamber has often spoken out on local and state legislative actions that potentially impact the varied interests of our business community. In October of 1961, the chamber supported an action for the Town of Fairfax to become the City of Fairfax. On April 18, 1963, based on the dramatic growth in the city, the board voted to name the organization the City of Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

In 1982, as the surrounding areas continued to expand and a growing number of Chamber members were located outside the City of Fairfax, the chamber officially became the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce. This enabled the chamber to better reach out to businesses surrounding the city and support them both in the city and the county at large. However, the core of the chamber’s activities continued to be focused on the City of Fairfax.

The Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce enjoys a robust relationship with the City of Fairfax and its Economic Development Authority as well as Mason and the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority. These partnerships all focus on helping local businesses and creating the best possible environment for businesses to open and flourish. Our location in the City of Fairfax and being in the center of Fairfax County offers a unique opportunity to serve the community.

What inspired you to open a business in Fairfax City?

See the answer above.

What do you enjoy most about having a business in Fairfax City?

The City of Fairfax is a wonderful small town with so many small businesses to support! We enjoy a great relationship with the City of Fairfax and the City’s Economic Development Authority. They make it easy to serve our mission.

How has CFCC changed since its opening?

There have been many ups and downs over our 60+ year history. In our new era, the Chamber has changed significantly since 2018 with the hiring of our first Executive Director in many years. There has been a renewal of energy within the Chamber that has brought in more members and many new benefits of membership to increase the value of the return on investment.

What do clients say they love about CFCC?

“Patriots has been in the City of Fairfax for 24 years. We joined the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce about 3 years ago when we relocated to Main St. We are so thankful for the genuine support system and community effort to keep the City of Fairfax’s businesses alive, especially during this time of need.” – Bridget, Patriots Pub & Grill

“Being a part of the Chamber is one of the best ways to stay connected to the community and to other businesses here in Fairfax city. It is also a powerful resource for all Chamber Members.” – Sharon Ricciardi, FVCbank and former Fairfax City Business Owner

“Joining the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce has been the best thing I could have done for my business. The Chamber works tirelessly to help it’s members by providing resources and professional development events, as well as providing opportunities for members to promote their own events and businesses. I have made so many amazing connections just joining a short time ago that I cannot even begin to court. I am very glad I joined this wonderful organization and wish I joined sooner.”
-Jean Humbrecht, Humbrecht Law LLC

What are some of your fondest memories or biggest successes?

Since I’ve come on board with the Chamber, I’m most proud of the businesses who have grown and thrived (and even survived) with the support of the CFCC.

We enjoy our participation in Restaurant Week each year in partnership with the City’s EDO/A [Economic Development Office/Authority]. It has been wonderful to see how it has grown in the face of some very daunting challenges!

The addition of “Carnival Alley” during the Fall Festival has been a great way to showcase and highlight Chamber members and offer event MORE fun during the Festival.

What’s next for you and CFCC?

We will continue to grow and offer even more benefits of membership for our members. It is our intent to be the PREMIER Chamber of Commerce in the region!

Are there any fun facts you would like residents and visitors to know?

Way back in the day, the CFCC help found the Chocolate Lovers Festival!

There are more than a dozen Chambers of Commerce within Fairfax County – more than two dozen Chambers of Commerce in Northern Virginia!

When you’re not working, where in Fairfax City do you like to spend time?

Dining in the many fantastic restaurants throughout the City! Sipping a cup of coffee and enjoying the wonderful chocolates at Cameron’s Coffee and Chocolates is another favorite way to spend my time.



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