FAIRFAX CITY, VA – STEM exCEL, a technology-based education program, announced the grand reopening of its Fairfax City technology education center, after a temporary closure due to the global pandemic. Now renamed as the BSTEM Enrichment Center, their mission is to inspire elementary-age students to embrace technology and encourage future professional fields by continuing its commitment to fostering a love for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (“STEM”) education throughout Northern Virginia…

…Fairfax City Economic Development Authority supported BSTEM’s reopening by authorizing a relocation incentive grant. This grant helps reinstate a valuable enterprise in Fairfax City that was forced to close during the earliest part of the pandemic. BSTEM’s decision to reopen in Fairfax City is notable and represented their commitment to succeeding in the center of Northern Virginia.

Full press release available here.

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