July 5, 2024

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Fairfax City Economic Development Authority Elects Leadership for Fiscal Year 2025

The Fairfax City Economic Development Authority (the “EDA”) recently held its July 2024 regular meeting, during which new leadership for the upcoming fiscal year 2025 was elected.  


The EDA, through a Commissioner led nominating committee, elects officers from among the seven appointed Commissioners to represent the organization before state and local elected officials, economic development agencies, prospective businesses and developers, and industry partners. Officers are also responsible for working with Fairfax City Economic Development staff on the advancement of programs and initiatives consistent with the FCED strategic work plan, and on setting the Authority’s meeting agenda and priorities. 


For the upcoming fiscal year, the Authority has elected the following Commissioners as officers: 

  • Commissioner Mitchell Cho, Chair
  • Commissioner Jeff Hermann, Vice Chair
  • Commissioner Dawn McGruder, Treasurer
  • Commissioner Patrick Soleymani, Secretary

“I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the new leadership of the Fairfax City EDA,” stated Fairfax City Mayor Catherine Read. “Their dedication and expertise will play a crucial role in advancing our city’s growth and ensuring we maintain our high standards of service to residents and businesses alike. Together, we are committed to strengthening Fairfax City’s reputation as a premier destination for business development in Northern Virginia. The City Council and I anticipate further strengthening our collaborative efforts with the EDA.”

I would like to congratulate the newly elected officers of the Economic Development Authority. I would also like to thank the outgoing officers who know intimately the amount of time and effort that goes into the administration of Fairfax City’s economic development programs. FCED continues to push the needle with new initiatives resulting in national and international recognition as an innovative, model-setting agency. We are only able to do this with the support and partnership of all of our Commissioners and I’m looking forward to all we will accomplish in the new fiscal year.


The Fairfax City Economic Development Authority (EDA) and Fairfax City Economic Development Department (EDD), both operate under the same common brand of Fairfax City Economic Development. Each year Fairfax City Council appropriates funds to both EDD and EDA to facilitate programs that benefit the general economic development of Fairfax City. The City Manager appoints the Director of Economic Development who concurrently serves as the President/CEO of the Fairfax City EDA and oversees staff, proposes budgets, and programing of the EDA. Seven EDA Commissioners are appointed by the City Council to oversee the proposed budget and programs. The EDA has the authority to enter into contracts, agreements, and grants with third parties separately from the City of Fairfax. 


The new officers begin their terms immediately. The next scheduled meeting of the Economic Development Authority will be September 4, 2024. 


For more information on the EDA or the EDD, please visit gofairfaxcity.com. 



Fairfax City Economic Development is a collaboration between the Fairfax City Economic Development Department and the Fairfax City Economic Development Authority, an independent agency administered by a commission appointed by the City Council to promote economic development activity within Fairfax. Fairfax City Economic Development helps attract businesses to the city, encourages and develops programs that foster connections between businesses, residents, and visitors of Fairfax City, and spearheads innovative programs and strategies devoted to positioning Fairfax City as an ideal location to start, grow, and scale a business. It is a founding member of the Northern Virginia Economic Development Alliance. Learn more at gofairfaxcity.com.

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