Fairfax City, Virginia – Fairfax City’s Economic Development Office (EDO) has finalized a five-year strategic workplan to guide them through 2028, with the Place Consulting team at Streetsense; a global creative collective of placeshapers, brandbuilders, and storytellers. The Economic Development Office is instrumental in Fairfax City’s economic well-being and quality of life, fostering a resilient tax base and activities that attract, retain, and expand businesses in the city. Emerging from its success with COVID-19 recovery initiatives, the EDO is now prepared to realign its efforts and resources with pre-pandemic goals. To reach those goals, the workplan creates an outline so that the EDO remains competitive and innovative by following industry standard best-practices, promoting the realization of the newly adopted Small Area Plans and 2035 Comprehensive Plan, while maintaining alignment with the adopted City Council Goals.

“Working with Streetsense brought a great deal of clarity to the process of developing our five year strategic plan for economic development here in the city. There are exciting opportunities in the years ahead and we feel ready for that,” said Catherine Read, Mayor, City of Fairfax.

“I’d like to thank Streetsense for their creativity, professionalism, and ability to deliver a complex, comprehensive plan for economic development in Fairfax City in a way that is clear and digestible for our staff and stakeholders,” said Christopher Bruno, Director of Economic Development. “This workplan establishes a framework for efficient and impactful economic development efforts in Fairfax City through 2028 and represents yet another investment in the future of our city.”

“Streetsense is extremely pleased to have worked closely with the Fairfax City Economic Development Office, city staff, and an Advisory Committee consisting of key business and civic leaders. Together we turned previously adopted plans into a practical workplan, one that reflects the goals, resources and tools available for implementation. We are excited to see these plans turn into actionable outcomes in the coming years,” said Larisa Ortiz, Managing Director of Public Non-Profit Solutions at Streetsense.

Full press release available here.
Strategic workplan here.

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