Fairfax City’s Economic Development Office (EDO) has implemented a new community-based eGift Card program, the Fairfax City Flex Card. The Fairfax City Flex Card is an eGift Card program where 100% of all gift card sales remain within Fairfax City.

To help encourage local shopping during this holiday season, we are excited to announce the much-anticipated Fairfax City Flex Card BOGO promotion, starting November 26, 2022. The promotion will offer a BUY 1, Get 40% Bonus structure to help spur the local economy and support the shop small movement in Fairfax City. The EDO will kick off this promotion by pledging $20,000 in gift card matching!

Our hope is that when it comes to holiday gift giving this year, the bonus gift card we are offering will help make the decision to shop local and shop small much easier, and exciting even! Please click here for more details about the Fairfax City Flex Card and to make your Flex Card purchases.

Check out Fairfax City Economic Development’s new look!

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