Restaurant Week

A Favorite City Event

Since its inception in 2018, Fairfax City Restaurant Week has continuously proven to be a favorite city event. It not only boosts patronage at local restaurants, it also cements the city’s status as a premier dining destination in the region. This annual event showcases the diverse culinary offerings of Fairfax City by presenting enticing prix-fixe lunch/brunch and dinner menus, occasionally featuring drink pairings, designed to allure and welcome new diners. For seasoned connoisseurs familiar with the city’s culinary landscape, Fairfax City Restaurant Week represents an opportunityto explore and savor new cuisines, stepping beyond their go-to stops.

How it Works

Administered by Fairfax City Economic Development in collaboration with the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce and the Old Town Fairfax Business Association, this initiative aims to spotlight and elevate the growing dining scene within Fairfax City.

This year, Fairfax City celebrates the 7th Annual Fairfax City Restaurant Week—an event that continues to showcase the rich tapestry of flavors and dining experiences available in our vibrant city.

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