(Facade & Interior Improvement Grant)

What is the maximum amount of funding my business or property can receive for facade or interior improvements?

The applicant is eligible for 50% reimbursement of project cost, up to $20,000.

Will the Façade & Interior Improvement Grant (FIIG) program provide reimbursement for improvements already completed?

No. The program will only provide funds to approved applicants. All application forms must be submitted and approved by the committee, and a grant agreement between the EDA and applicant must be finalized to work commencing.

I own multiple properties in Fairfax City. Can I apply for improvements for all of my properties?

Yes, but you must submit a separate application for each property. The committee will also review those properties separate from each other.

I own one property with multiple storefronts, can each business owner apply for a storefront improvement?

Yes. Each business owner can apply, but will be limited to $20,000.

I own one property with multiple storefronts, how can I ensure that these storefronts have uniform awnings and signage?

The property owner should discuss this with the applicant businesses prior to submission of the application.

Can a property owner and business owner each submit an application for the same storefront?

No, the committee will only approve one application for each business.

How long is the process from application review to construction?

The committee will make a decision within 90 days of application.

What does the committee look for when judging an application?

The Facade & Interior Improvement Grant Committee will evaluate each application based on the following criteria:

Need and Impact– The property is in need of improvement. The property and/or elements of the property that are to be improved are highly visible.

Project Readiness– Inclusive of a project plan and budget that includes detailed estimates of all labor and materials. Project completion time is realistic.

Project Vision– Commitment to improvements that adhere to local building codes and follow best practices in storefront design. Improvements meet program goals; creating more attractive facades or customer facing internal components of the business.

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