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Fairfax City Economic Development

Fairfax City Economic Development (FCED) supports economic and commercial growth in the City of Fairfax, VA. Economic development is the number one priority of the Mayor and City Council and FCED's mandate is to build programs and initiatives that support the creation of good jobs, strong businesses, and a vibrant and sustainable economy. FCED works to attract, retain, and expand successful businesses. This is achieved through various means, including providing capacity-building resources for existing businesses, creating engaging spaces for residents and employers, supporting the City’s long-term real estate development goals, marketing Fairfax City as a prime destination for business growth, and spearheading innovation through strategic partnerships with institutions and organizations. Through a range of resources, incentives, partnerships, and programs, FCED is committed to empowering Fairfax City businesses to succeed while contributing to the economic vitality of the community.

Our Vision

FCED believes that Fairfax City is one of the premier locations in Northern Virginia for business growth and development, a place where companies, employers, and workers choose to invest, and where their needs and expectations of a supportive, inclusive, and resilient city are met and exceeded.

Our Mission

FCED’s mission is to ensure Fairfax City is regionally, nationally, and globally competitive in attracting, developing, and retaining enduring industries through intentional economic development efforts in partnership with public, private, and non-profit partners.

Economic Development Authority

The Fairfax City Economic Development Authority (EDA) and Fairfax City Economic Development Department (EDD), both operate under the same common brand of Fairfax City Economic Development. Each year Fairfax City Council appropriates funds to both EDD and EDA to facilitate programs that benefit general economic development of Fairfax City. The City Manager appoints the Director of Economic Development who concurrently serves as the President/CEO of the Fairfax City EDA and oversees staff, proposes budgets, and programing of the EDA. Seven EDA Commissioners are appointed by the City Council to oversee the proposed budget and programs. The EDA has authority to enter into contracts, agreements, and grants with third parties separately from the City of Fairfax.

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